Friday, June 26, 2015

Driving in the Right Direction

I’ve been in New York nearly 14 years, but like a true New Yorker,  I don’t have a car.  If we need one,  we hire one and that only happens two to three times a year.  So I’ve been driving on my Australian driver’s license all this time.  

My son turned 17 recently and when we encouraged him to get his learner’s permit, I went along too.  I was told that the DMV could be an unfriendly place, but the staff there were so delighted that I was doing the test alongside my son that were smiles and lots of conversation.  Then we had to watch that weird 5 hours of video, and finally he could take lessons.  He passed his driver’s test a few weeks ago, feeling very happy with himself.  

Yesterday it was my turn.  I’ve been driving for 30 years but tests still make me feel judged (as they should, I was being judged!) which is an uncomfortable and challenging feeling.  I am very happy to have passed first time (it would have been so embarrassing if I hadn’t!) and soon I will have my own shiny New York driver’s license. 

I think it’s really valuable to do things that take you out of your comfort zone, that stretch you a little.  It’s easy to fall into the rut of doing what you are good at, and you are good at many things, but then you realize there are certain things you just avoid.  I’m pleased that I decided to do this along with my son, and that I have a real sense of accomplishment for this week. 

Now on to next week’s challenge… 

Cute Lego pix from the Lego Travellers Facebook page - where an enterprising couple took pictures all over Australia - and other parts of the world - using lego figures.

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