Monday, September 8, 2014

Recording the readings

Pol Ledent,  Dreaming in the Garden

A while ago I did a reading for a 27 year old woman, bored at work but they are paying for her to complete her masters, so she knows she has another two years there.  Her issue is that she is searching for a stable relationship, but she is not finding it.

The reading ended with a moving talk about her mother. She drew 2 of cups for her - they love each other, but also she feels judged, her mother is always hassling her to get married. But she wants it too, they are on the same page, it’s just that she hasn't met anyone.  So she just has to say that - I want stability and love too, it’s a sadness for me that I haven’t found it yet, and her mother will settle down.  She told me she wished she had recorded the reading after that discussion.   

Now I always encourage people to record the readings.  Initially I didn’t care so much, but I get such frequent feedback about it, that people often listen to the reading a couple of times, that it was very helpful, that now I really try to get everyone to do it.  If you don’t want it, you can delete it, but if you do want it, and you don’t have it, then there is nothing to be done…   

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