Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tarot together?

Sometimes people ask if they can bring someone to sit in on the reading with them.  Or they want two readings,  back to back,  and to listen on to each other’s readings.  

I always stress that if they are really close friends,  having someone sit on the reading with them can make it better. They can talk about it afterwards together,  and mull over it.  However if they are not close friends,  it’s much worse.  Because the tarot can reveal secrets, and if you are not prepared for the other person to know these things about you,  then don’t bring them along. And if you are having doubts about your relationship,  then please don’t bring your boyfriend  – that can really get quite awkward! So office buddies, no.  But best friends or sisters (I often have sisters come to have and listen on each other’s readings readings), yes!  

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