Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A new father came for a tarot reading with me and one of his questions was about his wife, and he drew sun / 8 of swords / strength – and I think that is the most perfect description of early motherhood that I’ve heard in a long time – sun,  happy,  warm,  bright,  8 of swords,  trapped,  scared,  unable to see clearly  but then she gets to that very feminine version of strength,  where her clarity and calmness makes the lion fall in line…   

Now doesn’t that sound like the mother of a 3 month old to you?

Monday, January 21, 2013

An Inauguration

 It is such an exceptional day, that we inaugurate a President and celebrate Martin Luther King at the same time.  What I so admire about Dr. King, is that he both spoke beautiful and powerful words, but he also backed them up with strong and true actions.  I wish that all our leaders did the same, that their actions and words were congruent. 

And I wish that for all of us too… when our words match our actions, we get both peace and synchronicity.  Coincidences, energies, miracles - they start weaving around us and events start to progress in our lives. The prophecy of the Begin It Now poem starts to take effect.

That’s my blessing for us today – may our intentions and our actions work together and may we get the results we want.

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's plans...

by Kaaria Mucherera
January, New year, is often a time for introspection – what are my plans for this year, what do I hope to accomplish. 
Truzzles,  by Frank Paris
A Tarot card reading helps clarify those plans and see where the energy is flowing for you, and where it is stickier.  I always tell everyone that nothing in the cards is set in stone, there is always free will and there is always random chance that things will happen. But what the cards do very well is see where your energy is strongest - where things are just falling into your lap - and where it needs shoring up.
By Shiloh Sophia
Sometimes we chose to focus on the strong energy, riding that wave. Sometimes during a reading the person sees that what they are doing is not getting them the results they want and they have to change, to shift that energy, if they are going to get the outcomes they want. Either way, the cards help plot out what you plan to do for this coming year. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Energy

Elizabeth Golden,  from Last Door, Down the Hall blog
I’m not big on numbers, I didn’t buy into the Mayan end of the world thing at all, but I do like new year’s.  It feels like a fresh page in a new book; we can start again. 

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions either, though I do like the idea of giving up an old bad habit. It takes 90 consecutive days to lay down the neural pathway in your brain for a new habit to form,  I always visualize a path in the jungle.  If you skip a day, the vines start growing back, you start at zero.  Ninety is a big number,  but I’ve managed to go to skim milk and if I drink full cream it’s too rich and fatty for me now,  so I know it’s possible.  Now I know if I go to the gym for 90 days in a row,  I will sincerely miss it if I don’t go on the 91st day,  it’s just getting those first 90 days down!

The idea I heard that I liked is whenever something good happens to you this year – large or small, write it on a small piece of paper and put it in your good luck jar. At the end of the year, next New Year ’s Eve, you can read all those small notes and see the luck/gratitude that you had all year… that’s a nice one that works for me.
So I wish you lots of small happy notes, and a few huge ones, and a good year ahead for us all.