Sunday, July 26, 2009

Strong in the way that counts

What is the difference between the chariot and strength? This has a more feminine energy, despite being such a masculine word. It also talks about control, but has compassion and stability, kindness and moderation as being part of it.

The chariot is all about wresting control, harnessing energy, driving force. Strength on the other hand has more to do with inner strength, self discipline, a softer, slower, and more persevering approach. The Strength card often portrays a Woman and a Lion: the Lion representing our instinctive animal nature or id, and the Woman our 'higher' or elevated self. It is a parable that physical strength alone is not enough and spiritual or mental strength is often enough to conquer the wild animal.

The inner child cards show us Beauty and the Beast, two kinds of strength that have to merge to find their true face. She has to see beyond the surface, he has to learn humility (in the beginning, he is cursed to be a beast because he is so arrogant, a superficial strength, but with no compassion or grace.)

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