Monday, August 3, 2009

Going it alone

The Hermit is a very clear card - it means a time for turning inwards, for introspection and quiet solitude. But the hermit portrayed is not sitting on his lonesome, looking for enlightenment. Instead he is out with his lamp, gathering information, analyzing, actively contemplating. The Hermit is about searching for knowledge, being on a quest for enlightenment. Once when a woman asked me if her new relationship was going to work, and the Hermit card came up, We both looked at each other and said, ‘No.’ Sometimes we need to answer questions within before we can reconnect with others.

I really like the inner child variation on the hermit – here we have a Snow White having collapsed after the queen gives her the poisoned apple. One thing the inner child card talks about it wise discrimination. Don’t bite every apple that’s offered. Don’t live in fear, but do think about who is offering you things and why. If a queen is out to get you, then don’t pretend she isn’t. This version encourages you to be more discriminating in your choice of friends and business associates. Give yourself time to think before you act.

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