Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's plans...

by Kaaria Mucherera
January, New year, is often a time for introspection – what are my plans for this year, what do I hope to accomplish. 
Truzzles,  by Frank Paris
A Tarot card reading helps clarify those plans and see where the energy is flowing for you, and where it is stickier.  I always tell everyone that nothing in the cards is set in stone, there is always free will and there is always random chance that things will happen. But what the cards do very well is see where your energy is strongest - where things are just falling into your lap - and where it needs shoring up.
By Shiloh Sophia
Sometimes we chose to focus on the strong energy, riding that wave. Sometimes during a reading the person sees that what they are doing is not getting them the results they want and they have to change, to shift that energy, if they are going to get the outcomes they want. Either way, the cards help plot out what you plan to do for this coming year. 

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