Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Readings...

16th Avenue Tiled Steps, 163 beautiful steps in San Francisco,
Looking back at my recent blogs, I realize that I highlight the compelling readings, often ones of real sadness and grief, but it might make you feel that every reading is traumatic - and I want to stress that that isn’t so! Often we laugh so much, people say they feel uplifted, lighter, easier… The quotes below all come from my Citysearch page
Teo Alfonso,  Healing Heart
** I felt this dark cloud of stress immediately lift as Liat was bring some areas in question to light. It was dead on and now I know what decisions I should make..

** She was 110% accurate, and not only that but she helped me put to rest some past demons that had been left haunting and unresolved. I woke up the next morning feeling better than I had in a long long time.…

**I felt great after leaving her. Empowered. And my life is sooooo back on track. I will most definitely see her again.

So come,  if there is heavy lifting to do,  I will definitely help,  but even if it’s just a bit of sweeping out some cobwebs,  the cards will work there too…

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