Monday, July 23, 2012

Disasters and Intuition

I’m so saddened by the appalling shootings in Colorado last week. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those harmed...   

There was one detail I couldn’t get out of my mind.  Jessica Ghawi who kept a blog under the name Jessica Redfield, was one of the people who were senselessly murdered at that movie theatre.  But she had been in a similar situation this very year.  In June 2012 she had been a tourist in Canada, at the Eaton Centre and had left the food court at 6.20, driven out by a strong feeling of doom and discomfort.  The shootings there started at 6.23.
I remember years ago reading about the terrible fire at Kings Cross station in London and one survivor saying that people who turned right lived, and those who turned left died and how random that was and he didn’t know why he had known to turn the correct way, but he had.

Andy Cherwick,  the Courage Tree

All I can take from these terrible stories is that if your intuition tells you something – listen to it!  Your brain takes in 10,000 pieces of information and filters it to let you know the 100 or so that are important.  But the other 9,900 pieces are lurking somewhere and while we don’t have conscious awareness of them, our unconscious can still be dealing with that material.  So our intuition is often the real data that we have filtered out, still giving us information.  It’s rarely a matter of life or death, but our intuition, our gut feelings, the things we know without consciously knowing how or why, they often speak the truth to us…

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