Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Ways to see things…

Every so often I hear something from my clients which just clicks for me, and a new piece of knowledge falls into place. Recently I had two such experiences.

  I always have difficulty with the phone, I know people would love it if I did phone readings, but I get nothing from the phone, it just doesn’t work for me at all - I really need you to shuffle the cards… But a client who works as a life coach explained like this – talking on the phone and not seeing each other is like sitting next to each other on a long night drive; it gives a cocoon of intimacy that you might not get if you were sitting face to face.  What a beautiful description!  I still can’t do phone work but I feel much more comfortable with the idea of it.

The second client listened to the talk I give before every reading, of while the cards indicate the path you are on, they can be changed, but it takes extra focus, effort and concentration; if you continue doing what you are doing, then the outcome card is where you will end up. And she said,  like you are on the A train,  and if you keep on it,  the last stop is inevitable and if you want to get off, you have to figure out which subway gets you the direction you want and how to transfer -  requiring much more thought and effort.  And I looked her and said that’s exactly right!
I love it when I get new metaphors!

Woman sitting on Subway chair is by George Segal

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