Saturday, June 16, 2012

Recording the readings

I always permit people to record the reading. I’m so old, that I used to record readings on those awful cassettes, that looped out or tore, or we forgot to turn over, or the player didn’t work… I’m so grateful for smart phones!  I also tell people that my fantasy is that no one ever listens to the recordings, but it can help people settle and focus during the reading.  However the other day I did a reading and got this very sweet note afterwards – 
As I was leaving the cafe, I decided to listen to the recording and I realized that my questions were in fact answered but I just didn't get the answers that I wanted to hear.  Replaying the recording brings an unexpected sense of comfort… I really do appreciate you for being completely honest with me and not giving me false hope. 

And when I asked her if I could quote her she replied I think everyone who has the reading with you should bring a recorder.  Having it made my session so much more valuable- as I was able to replay some of the most profound points you made and ponder accordingly. I'll always have it to use as a guide and a confidence booster of sorts when I need the comfort and guidance.

I love that the readings can give comfort and clarity long after they have been given… so please, bring your phone or recording device…

Pretty pictures by Lauren Alexander

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