Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Universe Hates Me

A while ago I did a reading for a young man who was clearly angry.  As he spoke about his frustrations at work, and how the corporate structure felt like it was strangling him, he burst out and said ‘I think God hates me.’  I looked at him surprised. ‘Okay, not God, but I think the universe hates me.’ 
‘Why do you think that?’  I asked.

‘Because every day at work, it feels like I am pushing against this enormous wind. Every day is so hard.’
And I said straight away, without even thinking, ‘I think you are wrong.  I think God loves you;  I think you are walking in the wrong direction.’

It was so clear to me that he was temperamentally unsuited to his corporate job, and would have been far happier to take some risks, be entrepreneurial and work for himself.  When we talked about it further he said he felt so relieved and happy, and that he would go and look for other options.

Sometimes we chose a path, because it’s safe, or highly coveted, or everyone is doing it... But if the universe it pushing against us so strongly, it’s worth asking if we are going in the right direction,  and perhaps there is another path that would suit us better.

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