Monday, April 2, 2012

What do Reversals mean in Tarot?

When the card in a reading comes out upside down, it’s called a reversed card.  So what do those reversals mean?  Firstly, you can fill a book with that answer, so this won’t be the complete answer;   but essentially, reversals take the meaning of the upright card and twist it a little…  I often call reversals the shadow side of the cards, taking their worst or suppressed qualities and emphasizing them.  

The sadder or more negative cards often hold their meaning no matter which they are spun – 5 ofcups, 8 swords,  – it means you are sadder,  or feeling really trapped, but doesn’t change the essential meaning.  However with the more positive cards, for e.g. the 9 of cups, it can move you from contentment to discontentment…  not feeling your cups overflowing but feeling them emptying…

Showing once again that reading the cards is as much art as science,  it also depends on context – how many of the cards are reversed,  what are the reversed cards next to,  how do they affect each other…   all these affect how the cards are read.

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