Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 of cups

There is sorrow here, and loss. The figure is weeping over 3 spilt cups. Just behind him/her are 2 cups, still standing. When we face loss or regrets, it’s sometimes hard to remember that we still have things. 2 of cups is the card of equal love, a beautiful card. But the person can’t see that, they can only see what has gone wrong.

I love the milk version, because the phrase ‘don’t cry over spilt milk’ always used to come to mind when I saw this card. Of course, it’s human to cry over disappointments, but don’t wallow. Feel the feelings and then move on; don’t keep focusing on them to the extent that you cannot see anything else.

I also like the little girl on the chair.  When we have these feelings, we feel small and childlike and sometimes we can’t make the best decisions or see things clearly from that perspective. When this card shows up it’s a warning to give up on your disappointments and turn and focus on what you do have. It’s time to grow up…

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