Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lots of 9’s

When we get 3 of one number, it usually intensifies the message of each card. If you get lots of 9’s, the end is within sight, but we are striving harder to get there.

The 9 of cups is contentment, striving towards the happy ever after of the 10 of cups. The 9 of wands is striving towards victory, but facing one battle after another. The 9 of swords is when the swords we carry turn against us, and the battle must be confronted before your anxieties ruin everything. The 9 of pentacles gaining entrance to the garden of luxury - the reward after the striving.

But if you get a lot of 9’s it means that there is an edge to your energy, a striving that isn’t being satisfied and isn’t complete yet. You need to go to the Hermit, the major arcana card associated with 9, and start to work through your own journey to get to the next state. 9’s are about figuring out what you are seeking and then finding it.

The first picture is by Ocean Surf Life by Gay Jefferson
And the second image is Striving for a Composed Image by Jason Altobelli

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