Monday, August 15, 2011

What is the difference between an astrologist and a tarot card reader?

Recently a few people have asked me what is the difference between astrologists and tarot card readers.

Both require in depth knowledge of their own particular field. I always say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I don’t know much about astrology, so I immediately tell people that I know nothing, rather than act on the small amount of knowledge that I do have. Essentially, both astrologists and tarot readers are looking at the patterns in your life, but astrologists are looking at it via the movements of the stars and sun and tarot card readers are looking at it through the energy revealed by the cards you draw.

I usually give the analogy that we are both musicians, but the tarot card reader is playing the piano while the astrologists is playing the violin. We can appreciate each other’s skills and don’t always replicate each other’s results, even though we are both making music…

I always like to credit the images if I can
The first image is Jack Frost by Christopher Mir the last image is from Alan Scheurman's CD cover Old Patterns and sadly I don't know who created the middle image.

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