Monday, February 21, 2011


Here’s where it starts to get mysterious (just a friendly warning) The Major Arcana counterpart to the twos is the High Priestess, which is all about intuition and balance, and the Hanged Man, which is all about choice and insight. The two’s deal with duality.

To understand one aspect, we need to know its opposite number – yin/yang, sour/sweet, good/bad. To truly know one, we need to see the other as well. So if you get many twos and/or the High Priestess in your cards, you are struggling with dualities/cause and effect, looking for your path between the two goal posts.

The two of wands is balancing existing skills with future goals, the two of cups is about balanced relationships, two of swords is about defensiveness verses seeing things clearly and the two of pentacles is the eternal juggle of life, keeping those 2 balls in the air.

Hamsa art by Zoe Cohen

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