Wednesday, March 2, 2011


What do having several 3’s mean for tarot? Well if Ace is force and two is duality then there is the combination of them: insight. Some call three, the triad, a perfect number because it signifies totality - beginning, middle, end; past, present and future; mind, body and spirit. As I think about this I see threes everywhere – 3 bears, 3 wishes, 3 little pigs, 3 graces…

In the tarot the 3 of wands is waiting… waiting for your ships to come, waiting for results, while the 3 of cups is joy, being in the moment, happy now. The 3 of swords is pain, in the moment, feeling full of sorrow and loss, while the 3 of pentacles is harmony, creative joy at work.

If you get a lot of threes feel what is going on at the moment, but also be aware that the moment will change, you have the past, are in the present but the future is coming… Whatever the situation, look at it from all three aspects – mind, body and spirit, sometimes you are feeding one and not the other… In the Major Arcana, Threes correspond to the Empress, where we can give birth to our hopes and ambitions.

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