Monday, March 21, 2011

Four Square

What does it mean when you draw several fours?
Four is the number of stability in tarot, a number of completion – 4 seasons to make a year, 4 directions to make a compass, the 4 suits of the tarot itself.

The 4 of wands is consistent happiness, the wedding card, but the fours can also manifest as too much consistency – the 4 of swords is about things being too quiet and the 4 of cups is about boredom or stagnation and retreating into fantasy. Finally the 4 of pentacles can show a feeling of tightness, of holding on rather than welcoming change. The ultimate 4 is the Emperor, who holds on so tightly it becomes hard to breathe. All these cards are about upholding the existing order, maintaining the status quo.

When you get 4’s things are structured and consistent, and if there are too many 4’s, we should explore the view that there might be too much stability, making for stagnation and a need for change.

Picture of 4 elements is by May Ann Licudine
Picture of 4 seasons by onutzaC

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  1. Thanks for this Liat - I've been drawing lots of fours lately and wondered if there was a pattern...then pulled the Four of Pentacles in my daily draw. Although I can see the card's wider meaning, in the context of my own readings, I'm starting to see that the cards are suggesting I embrace a little more structure and order into my life. And the more I think about that, the better idea it seems right now.