Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Four of Swords

No one in New York wants to take a time out, but everyone needs one from time to time. The 4 of swords is a period of retreat to quietness. Things may have been too hectic lately, take some time and meditate about it. After the dramatic 3 of swords, the stress and pain there, this card gives you some peace and quiet and a chance to regroup.

It can also mean that the situation is more passive than you want it to be. I saw it recently in the spread of someone anxiously looking for work and I said, you need to give the job seeking a break for minute and really check with yourself what kind of work you are looking for and why, because what you are doing is not giving you the results that you want. Sometimes the cards tell you to push harder, but this is a card telling you to retreat.

The Inner Child cards don’t always reflect the Rider Waite interpretations and here their 4 of swords is very different – this card is much more active, 4 people on a raft together. Depending on how you feel, this card can be positive (support on the journey!) or negative (have to share space, can’t only do what I want!) What is clear is that they are on a journey together and they can’t independently charter these waters, they have to rely on each other. So here it is a retreat from the individual drive, to fit with the needs of the group.

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