Thursday, July 8, 2010

King of Cups

Charming, charismatic, outgoing, the King of Cups is all of these and more. He is creative and interesting and likes conversation about art and style. He is often quick witted and clever. He can be empathic and in touch with his feelings.

The Inner child version shows a female, showing this card can refer to either a man or woman, and she is calling for friends/aid. What I like about that is that often when things are stormy, people can retreat into themselves and not ask for the help they need, but the Guardian of Hearts is wise and sufficiently sure of herself to call with an open heart and get the assistance s/he needs.

The shadow side of this card is someone who is too passive, watching the world but not getting up and changing things. Or the card can represent someone emotionally manipulative, seeing and understanding and then twisting things to fit his/her own agenda. The common flaw I find with the reversed king of cups is that when his back is to the wall, he melts away. The King likes charm and light and if the situation is difficult he can find himself backing away and leaving you flat.

I actually find this card, as with all the court cards, really complex. I’ve given very different interpretations of this card to people, depending on their situation.

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