Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cold Readings

I read this interesting article recently where the photographer's conceptions of the person they were photographing completely influenced the photos they took - at the end we have 6 great images,  very different from each other,  and it started me thinking about cold readings.

I start every reading with a cold reading - that is,  when I don't know anything about you or your situation and just tell you what the cards tell me.  I love the cold readings,  that's where the magic happens. 

You shuffle 78 pieces of cardboard and then I can tell you some really pertinent things about your life.  Sometimes it just blows people away (wow,  that's exactly what's going on!) sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to get what the cards are trying to tell us.  But I always try to make the reading truly 'cold' and don't let you tell me anything about your situation until I've seen the cards,  so you can get the sense of revelation too.

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