Monday, November 9, 2015

Pages and Queens

One of the things I often say in readings is that you are not leaking this information out,  if I were sitting next to you in the subway,  I wouldn't know this about you.  Sometimes the cards are so searing in their observations, people want to make sure that their secrets stay secret!

I did a reading for a woman a while ago (I'm never clear on time, to protect people who might send their friends to this site!)  who was smart,  snarky and tough - just how I like them! But she wasn't drawing any queens,  all her cards were pages.  We discussed this,  she's 36, and should have Queens but she feels that she isn't as established as the other women she knows - she's not flying at work,  merely doing well,  and she's not married or close to it,  and when she asked about children,  the cards said too far away to see.  And that's why she didn't have Queens,  although she had a queenly energy about her.

I said it was time to listen to her intuition more. Stop dating men she knew were not long term potential,  stop listening to so called friends who subtly belittled her,  start listening to her inner voice more.  She had to stop waiting for her ex to return to her - he brought another woman to her birthday party,  she had to take note of that action and accept what it was revealing. She knew could be a Queen but she just wasn't acting like one,  and the cards showed that. 

She sighed and said that the reading had been tough but true,  she was acting like a page and getting those results.  It was time to act like a woman and then start drawing Queen cards.


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