Thursday, November 19, 2015

Should I sit in on my friends tarot reading?

Sometimes people contact me and want two readings together.  Then they ask if they should sit in on each other's readings. 

My standard response is if you are very good friends,  then it is better to have your friend sit in on yours (and you sit in on theirs) because you can talk about it afterwards and remember things for each other.  But if you have any secrets or things you don't anyone else to know, then you shouldn't have anyone sit in on the reading, friend or not,  because I can guarantee that the cards will bring it up.  

So acquaintances or work friends,  no,  especially if you are thinking of changing jobs and haven't told them yet!  But best friends,  yes,  because you'll have so much more things to talk about afterwards!

I also encourage everyone to record their tarot readings, as we go through so much it can be hard to take it all in,  and afterwards you can listen to the recording in peace and quiet and hear it once more.  And if you don't want to listen to it again,  then you can just delete it off your phone - so it's a no lose proposition.

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