Friday, March 2, 2012

Do I do events

Every so often I get a sweet voiced query asking me whether I do events, either large or small. I don’t do events or parties, for a variety of reasons. For me, Tarot is something intimate and deep, and events are something light and social, and the two don’t actually mix very well.

With no disrespect to people who do events, they do what I think of entertaining. What I’m doing is so different from that, they have nothing in common. I often tell people things they don’t want to hear, and then spend some time with them dealing with that. And I never read for people who are drunk, because the energy is all askew, and it’s very hard to read them clearly.

So while I do occasionally do readings back to back, when intimate friends want to sit in on each other’s readings, I never do more than that. I find even doing 5 readings in one day can wipe me out energetically. I only do 3 readings a day and I'm fresh and focused for each one.

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