Sunday, March 11, 2012


Today we lose an hour,  in that mystic way.  I'm Australian and on my flights home,  I always lose a day,  which is disconcerting (I gain it on the way back,  but still it's weird,  how times and days change on you)

Of course a few hundred years ago,  no one really knew the time or that dates changed according to where you were on the planet.  Every place had it's own 'local time' according to where the sun was in their sky.  There is this wonderful story that time zones in the US were created by the railroad - they wanted their trains to come on time, and in order to that,  they had to standardize times. (I'm a geek when it comes to that sort of trivia)

When people call to see me,  there is something going on in their lives now, maybe even this moment.  But I can't see you now.  Today I am seeing people who booked in January and when you call me,  I will offer you a place in a month or two.   People ask about cancellation lists,  but I have maybe one cancellation a week (thank you, thank you to all my clients being so reliable!) and there are usually 7 or so people on the list,  so waiting there doesn't often help. 

And yet,  when I email out my available times,  I tell people that that date will come sooner than they think,  and most people agree with me. While it seemed far away,  it came sooner than they thought it would,  and often they say they are grateful that their energy had time to settle so the reading can see more clearly,  rather than them seeing me when they felt more urgent.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,



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