Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lots of Kings

I’ve gone through what every individual card means in this blog, (just type it into the upper left hand corner near the b symbol and it should appear) Now I am at the end of going through what clusters of cards mean… What does it mean if you have lots of kings in your reading? Again, I have to put in the caveat that the court cards are amongst the most complex of the tarot cards and need sensitive interpretation.

If you draw 2- 4 kings, for one thing there is a lot of adult male energy in your life. It can mean anything, from working in a male dominated environment, to having lots of men interested in you. It can mean being experienced in relationships, having mainly male friends, or feeling overwhelmed by men and their energy (remember, cards always need context) One woman kept drawing kings and when I said you must have a lot of men in your life, she sighed and said yes, five brothers.

The kings are the apex of their suit, so drawing lots of kings can also mean that there is something powerful going on in your life - they don’t come in the humdrum easy days… If you draw lots of kings there is something you are in the process of mastering, something you are seeking to control.

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