Sunday, December 11, 2011


I often see the two of swords, when people have moved from defending themselves to an entrenched position and in danger of becoming defensive. It’s a hard card to live with, and one of the things I always tell people is that although the woman in the chair is safe, she’s also isolated and can no longer see the situation clearly.

So the question is always, how do we get out of that position? The other day I had a reading where the client drew the two of swords and in the position on top of that card, she drew the Queen of Swords. And I said - that’s a perfect transition!

Before she would go from having two swords up to putting both swords down and then being too vulnerable, and then lifting both swords up and feeling trapped. The solution is to have one sword up, strong and capable of defense/protection, but it leaves the other hand free, to reach out and connect.

I love the visual short hand of the tarot.

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  1. Hola me encantaria saber los nombres de los tarots de las imagenes