Friday, February 26, 2010

Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands takes the page’s enthusiasm and rears off to bring things to completion. But s/he is often hasty and rides off without getting all the necessary information. The knight gets angry and impatient with things like details and plans. Instead s/he wants results and wants them now! Although creative and exciting, the knight is not fully mature, and while passionate and exhilarating, s/he is not always responsible or compassionate.

In the inner child one, the knight is feminized into Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz. She, who had far more adventures than she planned for, also had to learn that she had all the tools she needed from the outset - what she needed to do was grow into her strength and trust herself.

I love the quilt image with the knight on the Harley Davidson, that perfectly captures the cool/hot attraction of the Knight of Wands. He’s going somewhere, fast, and while you may not end up where you expected, you’ll certainly have adventures on the way.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Page of Wands

So who is this Page of Wands?

If the page is a child, then this is one of those Duracell kids, who never runs out of energy, who loves exploring and adventures and often gets so caught up that they don’t come home on time. The Page is a Tom Sawyer kind of boy who gets into all kinds of mischief but has no real malice in him.

If the page is referring to an adult, it means s/he gets enthused but isn’t always able to complete what s/he starts. You can get frustrated with the adult page’s energy: it’s a restless, sort of finding itself space, making mistakes in order to grow and mature.

I love the Inner Child version, which shows the character from the Little Prince, flying joyously. If you have the little Prince’s energy and wisdom, you are doing better than most!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Court Cards

Before we start with the specifics of the Court Wands, I just want to have a little blurb about the Court Cards in general. The court cards are us and our family or the important people in our lives – the youth, the brother/sister and the mother/father. Or the child, teen and adult, or the aspects of ourselves that need to grow or are all grown up.

I often find the court cards are more complex to read than other cards. Who are they and what do they mean for the querent? (you!) The way I read the cards, most cards represent an aspect of you, but the court cards are the most obvious cards to refer to someone else. If we see the King of Cups hovering on the possible outcome cards, we are talking about an adult, a lover who is around but not quite there yet, and we spend the rest of the reading figuring out how to draw him in. If you are a Queen and your partner is a Page, there is an obvious disparity in power and maturity and needs to be looked at. I find a wealth of information in the court cards, where they fall, who they are next to, how many of them are in the reading. They are not the easiest cards to summarize here, because they can mean so many things.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Prediction for the year 3010

I had a very funny interaction with an acquaintance the other day. He is a journalist and knows me as a community activist and I told him that in my professional life I was a tarot reader, and he said, “Really? And you come across as so intelligent!" and I laughed and replied that I am intelligent when I give readings as well… but it got me thinking… and I wrote a long post in my quirkythings blog, which has a different layout to this blog (it would take too much space here) but please do click across and see where I got too...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ten of Wands

I know this card well and it always makes me sigh… it’s when all that wonderful wands energy becomes a burden to us and instead of lifting us up, we’re the ones pushing it up hill. We feel like Sisyphus, endlessly pushing the boulder up the hill only to watch it roll down again.

I warn people when they get this card that they have to take some proactive action, because waiting for it to pass is bad for wands energy, the flame starts to flicker and die… Wands need fiery passion to keep thriving and this image shows that the seed has no light to grow...

I like this card because it hints that the burdens are being hoarded. Sometimes we collect emotional injuries, like they are coins we can later cash in, giving ourselves permission to be resentful or bitter. The ten of wands is a hard card, but this attitude makes it even harder to change the situation.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Downtown Express mention

Just got mentioned in the Downtown Express. Don't know for how long the link will be alive, so I've cut and paste the article below.

Tribeca tarot
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many people are looking for answers on love. Some of them will go to Liat Silberman, a Tribeca mom and former president of the P.S. 234 P.T.A., who also reads tarot cards for a living.

“In old Tribeca, it was kind of more normal,” Silberman said of the readings she now conducts in quiet corners of the Whole Foods cafe.

Silberman, a Community Board 1 member, limits her readings to personal events in people’s lives, not large world events. Unless she was doing a reading for President Obama, her predictions skew more toward luck in love than international politics.

“Though I did know that going into Afghanistan was a bad idea,” she said, “and not because I’m clairvoyant.”

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Year Ago Today!

I started this blog a year ago today and am so pleased to have come to this first anniversary.

I’m really enjoying going through the cards, one by one, and putting down my thoughts about them. Sometimes I get impatient and want to rush ahead, or bounce to another card, that’s turned up in readings, but I restrain myself and am trying to be orderly.

One thing I really like is when I can recommend to someone to come here and look up a major arcana card they received in a reading. Usually at a reading, I pick a card or two, often a duplicate that showed up in both readings, and send an image of that card so they can think about it later. For the major arcana (and most of the wands!) people can also come onto the blog and look at the text, as well as other images I’ve selected. Soon they will be able to do that for all the cards. Something to look forward to!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nine of Wands

I see this card as winning the battle but counting the costs. The image is of man, successfully defending his terrain, but bandaged and clearly weary. I often get this card in work situations, and then I’ll say, ‘You’ve been defending your turf, but it’s getting to you.’ And they nod emphatically. This is one of the easier cards in the Tarot for people to interpret for themselves!

In the Inner Child cards I wonder if the fairy is opening the gate, closing the gate or peeking over it. Are we defending the right thing? Have we got a turf war going over paperclips (trust me, it happens) Can we look over the fence and see what the opposition looks like? There is a pause here, and in it we can decide if this is a fight worth having, or can we walk away, or even walk through the gate and get to some other side…