Thursday, October 8, 2015


I usually write a post a week and then somehow September slipped by with only one tarot blog post.  I was really not happy about this and began to tell myself off.   I’m a list girl, and started putting my list – ‘write tarot blog’ bumping it higher and higher, and then WRITE TAROT BLOG in caps and colors.  Late at night as I fell asleep, at least 10 good tarot ideas floated through my brain and I went to sleep comforted by the thought that tomorrow I would write a good tarot blog piece.  And yet, and yet…

Today I woke up and said to myself that I have to write a piece about procrastination.  And all of a sudden here I am, typing away.   Sometimes we don’t act in our own best self-interest, sometimes we can’t make ourselves to what we want/need to do. But if we address it, then we can start to find the answers.

The lesson here to deal with what is real for you at the moment, and then the energy flows…

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