Thursday, July 31, 2014

Magic of the Magician

After every reading, I write the cards you drew on a post card, so you can remember them and, if you wish,  you can look them up on this blog or elsewhere to explore them further. 

I did a reading recently where the girl brought last readings postcard with her.   She asked about her relationship and drew the Magician:- her boyfriend is a magician, a bit slippery but with some magic,  some sleight of hand and some misdirection, voila, he call pull the rabbit out of the hat. It’s a great card for someone wanting to succeed in New York. 

And then I glanced at her old card,  and saw that last September, she had drawn exactly the same card about him. 

That’s why I love the cards,  he was the magician then, he’s still the magician now,  it’s way beyond chance that she should keep drawing the same card to describe him…  (and she agreed with the description,  ‘it’s very him’ ) 

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