Monday, June 30, 2014

Thinking too loud…

I did a reading recently for a woman and ended with the 8 of cups, walking away with wisdom, and she told me she wanted to leave New York City and go somewhere else.  ‘Like Denver?’ I asked.  And she and her friend looked at me, spooked, and said, we were just talking Denver before we came to you.  And I laughed and said well you must have been thinking a bit too loudly and I picked it up.

I can’t read minds and I definitely can’t get readings off objects.  But occasionally, if you have just been talking/worrying about something, I happen to say it in the next sentence.  I know I do this because people often comment on it.   There is something about focusing on the cards, and on the person, which settles me and if you are broadcasting, I can pick it up; which is why I only do 3 readings a day – to keep the focus sharp. 

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