Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Was he unfaithful?

One question I find the tarot can always accurately answer is ‘ is s/he having an affair’ 

However recently I did a reading where a woman asked,  ‘did he sleep with other people while we were together?’ and she drew 
She felt he could have been a good boyfriend/ but also felt huge anxiety/ she needed to see the situation very clearly, without rose tinted glasses or being overly romantic/ and she was getting lost in her own thoughts.
That is not a clear answer and I was puzzled.  Usually the cards are really specific around this question.

6 of cups
So I asked more about the relationship.  Turned out her big fear was that he would be pressured by his family to have an arranged marriage.
Now I can understand the cards. They indicate that he did not sleep with anyone else while they were together, but he was emotionally unfaithful; he did let his family introduce him to other women.  There was no sex, but he did think about marrying them…   
The second I said that she nodded vigorously, that made complete sense to her.
4 of cups

Those cards, they are so subtle...

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