Friday, May 3, 2013

Job A or Job B?

A client who I’ve seen before came to ask me about 2 job opportunities.  I said don’t tell me anything about either job, just really think clearly about Job A and then Job B. And the cards did what we all like best – they gave astoundingly clear results.  For Job A he ended with the 10 of swords and for Job B he ended with the world.  Just by looking at the cards,  anyone can see which job to take!

And then he told me the jobs – Job A was working at a startup for virtually no money, very high risk, no safety net and Job B was a solid corporate job in a creative field, with full benefits and 401K.  
I laughed and said thank goodness I didn’t know so it didn’t sound like I was deliberately steering him to the more conservative/safer option.  We laughed but he acknowledged that he didn’t have a safety net, there was no family money to fall back on, and the risks of Job A failing and then he being left with nothing were too real.  He was so glad that the cards supported him taking the option he really wanted but had been fearful that it was too limiting.  He left the reading determined to take Job B.

I like to know as little as possible at the beginning, but once the cards are drawn, the more I know the better I can interpret them. 

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