Monday, October 22, 2012


There are no secrets anymore… I can’t tell you how many people come in to me having found out about affairs via  smartphones - looking at texts or phone log history.  As a family we recently updated to the iphone 5, and unbeknownst to me, all the photos I took appeared in the photostream that my husband and son could automatically see, unedited by me (even if I deleted the photo on my phone, it will still be there on the photo stream)

Now it just so happens that my photos are either mundane or work related,  but still,  I felt a bit uneasy that so much was shared without my being aware of it. So this is my public service announcement – if you have a shared family plan, especially on iphones, then the paying party has access to all sorts of information.  And if you buy the new iphone and don’t want all your pictures shared with all the other plan members, then change your settings...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Change on Deck

There are many forms of divination but there is something special about tarot cards:- they are visually engaging, they work on a mythic level and they are also tactile, you feel them slip between your fingers, you feel the edges of them on your palms…   The feel of the cards is important and that’s one of the reasons people like old cards – the sense that other people have ruffled them; that they have stories to tell… 

But over a year or so, hundreds of people handle those cards and they start to look ratty, but of even more concern, they start to tear at the sides and I worry that they no longer shuffle cleanly. So that time of year has come again, where I have to change the deck.  I always use the same cards – Radiant Rider Waite, which is like the regular Rider Waite (the most popular deck in the US, and the one most referred to in books) but with brighter colors, so it looks prettier to me.  I’ve shuffled them thoroughly at home, and now a new crisp smooth deck waits for your reading…

If anyone wants the old deck - for collage or personal use - drop me a line and we'll figure out how to get them to you...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Ruth Schembri,  Synchronicity

The cards are all about synchronicities, seeing the patterns and energies that are going on in your life. But I find odd synchronicity between the readings as well as within them.  In the past two days I saw a Lisa,  Elizabeth and a Liz.  Well, it’s a common name, but I find that names often clump together.  I saw two Heidis in the same day. Last week I got confused when a woman kept emailing the same question but then realized I was dealing with three different Erin’s making inquiries.

Barbara Takenaga,  Abstracts

And then the readings go in themes too.   I rarely hear about unplanned pregnancies and suddenly get 3 in a week.   Even jobs come in patterns, for a while there it seemed like everyone I was seeing was a teacher.  Lately everyone has been designing an ap.  It just fascinates me, seeing the connections everywhere…

Monday, October 1, 2012

Work questions

The New York Times has a column The Corner Office, where they ask business leaders about leadership and management. 

In an interview with Chris Barbin,  he mentioned One of my favorite interview questions is, “What are you most proud of?” It’s a fascinating question if you just end it there. People will say, “Well, what do you mean, in business?” And I’ll just say, “No, what are you proud of?” You can always tell when people kind of make-up answers to impress you. Another one is, “What do you stink at?” Some people will say, “Oh, I take on too much and I work too hard.” Then I’ll say: “That’s a pretty common answer. Give me something better.”

I speak to a lot of people about work changes, and I think these are good things to think about before the interview, but they are also interesting things to think about life.
sculpture from Bondi to Bronte beach walk