Saturday, November 3, 2012


Well, what a week it’s been.

Firstly,  I need to apologize to clients who tried to get in touch with me,  but my phone reception was very iffy and I could not access any email/internet.   I realized I had to let go of any expectation of communication and let that stressor go.  
Once I decided I was not going to try and live a normal life,  a new kind of normality took place –  by the third day we had a new routine going – my son,  whose school was closed,  and I would go for a walk by the river in the morning (ironically,  the damage at Battery Park City seemed far less than damage further in…)  Day one there were pumps emptying garages and peculiar smells,  long lines for the single Deli serving coffee,  everyone looking a bit lost.  Day two,  we knew where the power was,  who was open and who was not,  and we had bagels for dinner.  Day Three we found that the World Financial Center had loads of powerpoints, we went in a recharged what we could. We started going to the movies (three films in one week,  I haven’t done that since college!)   Then we would bump into loads of people we knew, close friends and bare acquaintances, and have dinner with them wherever was open.  It was actually kind of charming.  And I got lovely texts from all sorts of people, including several clients, checking in that I was okay.  

We had gas and cold water all along, I started the mornings by heating up large pots of water, like an old pioneer woman, and we all were clean and shiny before leaving for brighter, warmer places.  

And then last night at 4 am we woke up because our bedside lamps were shining in our faces – power! 
Now,  4 loads of washing in,  I am showered with blown dry hair and we’ve emptied and partially restocked the fridge.  We are back on track and so is Tribeca Tarot Reader.  If you want a reading, please email me at (please don’t phone, reception is still very spotty)

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