Monday, November 19, 2012

The cards are accurate but they are not always clear

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Sometimes people come to me with concrete and important questions.  Nearly a year ago a lovely woman came to me with a question about her green card application – will she get it?  The cards said yes, but with confusion in the middle.  Then she asked if she should change her lawyers, and the cards said yes, definitely. So she left her long time lawyers and went to someone she knew socially and who had been helpful to her. But he was awful!   He didn’t do anything he promised and she was very frustrated.

So she left him and found a third lawyer, and this lawyer solved the case for her.  He found that her original lawyers had made several procedural errors which was why she was in danger of losing the case, and his corrections made all the difference.

Afterwards we discussed it and she said she had been so loyal to her original lawyers, and she would never have taken the risk to simply leave them. But once she had, she could find the lawyer who could solve her problem.
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The cards were right, she did need to leave her original lawyers, but not clear, the second lawyer was not the solution. But she needed to go through him, to find the professional who could help…   Had she stayed with the original lawyers, she would have lost her case.  I was so happy and relieved to hear things had worked out well for her!

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