Monday, May 7, 2012

Reading in public spaces

Kitchenette, where I do my 8.30 pm readings
I do all my readings in local cafes.  Every so often I get a sweet email like this:  (this is real email exchange that I had with a client)

Hi Liat,
I was wondering if we could be pretty private at the cafe you are planning to take me to? I honestly don't want other people overhear you readings of me. Hope you would understand me.

So I wrote back: I know people have these concerns but I’ve never had any problem and no one has ever said afterwards that they were at all nervous or felt intruded upon. I have no other options, I do all my readings at cafes, but also, all the reviews you read came from these public readings…

And I got this charming reply:- Yes, it's NYC. No one cares! I will stop worrying and will look forward to seeing you pretty soon.

At Le Pain Quotidian,  where I do my 5.30 readings


Cafe Josephine,  where I do my 3 pm readings

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