Saturday, May 19, 2012

Celtic Cross Layout

I’ve gone through the cards, individually and by numbers.  Now how do I lay them out? There are many, many ways to lay the cards out in tarot but I only use one.  I’ve used it for so many years now that its subtleties and intricacies just leap out at me…

I use the Celtic Cross,  which is 10 cards laid out in a set pattern

1 & 2 are what’s at your core,  2 is the sideways card which is  your cross at this moment

3  is your basis, the energy/attitude you use to make decisions

4  is recent past

5  is possible outcome, hovering, not quite on the cards – do we pull it in or push it away?

6  is near future (within the next 3 months)

7  is self,  how you feel about yourself

8  is external environment – which I read as work or college, or where you spend most of your day…

9  is hopes and fears - always a rich spot

10  is outcome,  the culmination of all the previous cards…

There have been books written about the Celtic Cross spread, this is only the briefest of outlines, but if you have one of my readings,  it gives you an idea of how the cards will be played… 

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