Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two of Cups

People love getting this card. Of course it is a lovers card, but it is more than that. I see it as that wonderful love of equality, there is balance here, and the lovers are giving and taking in equal amounts.

There is passion and a sexual connection here, as well as an emotional bond. It’s an extremely good relationship card; if people want to know how a new relationship is going and we see this card, then we both know it’s going very well indeed!

The only shadow of the 2 of cups comes from the phrase ‘two’s company, three’s a crowd’. Sometimes when we find new love, we unconsciously exclude old friends. If you find yourself doing that, pull back a little, we need balance not only between lovers but also in our lives, we need both a passionate lover and other friends, and not to have one at the cost of the other.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ace of Cups

Cups are the suit of hearts in modern day cards. So cups deal with matters of the heart. They are portrayed as cups, chalices, roses and hearts. As with all aces, the ace of cups is the distillation of what the cups can bring. The phrase that always comes to mind for me is ‘my cup runneth over’ an overwhelming amount of joy, creativity, feeling.

Cups are all about emotions and spirituality. The Ace is a card about new love, new life (often signifies wanted pregnancies) new spirituality. It’s a happy card about new emotional journeys and joy.

The inner child cards actually call their suit the hearts cards. Here you can see a heart become buoyant, floating on the energy of the Ace of Hearts.

I don’t do strict reversals but I do look at the shadow sides of cards. If we don’t appreciate the upwelling of luck and love and spirituality that this card usually brings, then we later might find ourselves crying over the waste of a special opportunity.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dropping into a new suit...

And now we leave the wands. I love the wands energy and have enjoyed being with them, but also look forward to exploring the next suit in depth. From the Fiery wands we now come to the water filled, emotionally deep cups. We’ll follow the same pattern, next week I’ll start with the Ace and we’ll build our way to the King. I only hope you are enjoying spending time with these cards as much as I am…

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

King of Wands

Like the Ace, the King of Wands is the pinnacle of the wands – so the King is fiery, bold, creative, and energetic. You certainly notice him when he enters a room, he has that kind of charisma. And while he may sweep you off your feet, or ignite a new passion in you, like the knight, he is not always good at the detail, and you may be left wondering what happened.

This is a man who needs new adventures and highs to keep the momentum going. He is that wonderful boss, a powerful natural leader who inspires the troops, but not necessarily the best husband (unless you are the Queen of Wands, then you are more than a match for him!) If you are in a wands marriage, it’s fiery, tempestuous and passionate and that’s how both of you like it. However if one of you is wands and the other is not, that can cause problems…

One way to read the King is that you are playing with fire. Of course heat facilitates all kinds of transformations, and we need it. But make sure you are protecting yourself and not getting burnt.

All Tarot Kings are about outward energy and focus. The wands King is a particularly actions oriented guy. This card is about having the confidence to take the leap forward. Use this energy while it is around you as it is a strong, bright flame and it can serve you well.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Queen of Wands

Wands are fire, and the Queen of Wands is a fiery woman – warm, passionate, interested in the world around her. She’s got presence and charisma, lighting up a crowded room - a creative, commanding woman. These women are noticed, and enjoy being noticed: extroverted, strong, thriving in the spotlight. The Queen has the boundless energy of the wands, and she is a capable, imaginative woman. The shadow side of the Queen is when she has moved from energetic and self assured to forceful and proud. Her flaw is that she can be blunt and intolerant; sure her way is the only way. Wands Queens have to make sure they don’t cross the line into bossy or intimidating, or burning their lovers … But when they are good, they are excellent!

The Inner Child card shows the Pied Piper – someone charismatic, a leader who plays their own tune, but beware, if you cross them there will be a high cost.

I love this image, because it captures the controlled intensity of the Queen of Wands, those commanding eyes, that energy barely held in check. She is indeed, a force to be reckoned with.