Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ace of Cups

Cups are the suit of hearts in modern day cards. So cups deal with matters of the heart. They are portrayed as cups, chalices, roses and hearts. As with all aces, the ace of cups is the distillation of what the cups can bring. The phrase that always comes to mind for me is ‘my cup runneth over’ an overwhelming amount of joy, creativity, feeling.

Cups are all about emotions and spirituality. The Ace is a card about new love, new life (often signifies wanted pregnancies) new spirituality. It’s a happy card about new emotional journeys and joy.

The inner child cards actually call their suit the hearts cards. Here you can see a heart become buoyant, floating on the energy of the Ace of Hearts.

I don’t do strict reversals but I do look at the shadow sides of cards. If we don’t appreciate the upwelling of luck and love and spirituality that this card usually brings, then we later might find ourselves crying over the waste of a special opportunity.

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