Thursday, March 4, 2010

Queen of Wands

Wands are fire, and the Queen of Wands is a fiery woman – warm, passionate, interested in the world around her. She’s got presence and charisma, lighting up a crowded room - a creative, commanding woman. These women are noticed, and enjoy being noticed: extroverted, strong, thriving in the spotlight. The Queen has the boundless energy of the wands, and she is a capable, imaginative woman. The shadow side of the Queen is when she has moved from energetic and self assured to forceful and proud. Her flaw is that she can be blunt and intolerant; sure her way is the only way. Wands Queens have to make sure they don’t cross the line into bossy or intimidating, or burning their lovers … But when they are good, they are excellent!

The Inner Child card shows the Pied Piper – someone charismatic, a leader who plays their own tune, but beware, if you cross them there will be a high cost.

I love this image, because it captures the controlled intensity of the Queen of Wands, those commanding eyes, that energy barely held in check. She is indeed, a force to be reckoned with.

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