Tuesday, March 9, 2010

King of Wands

Like the Ace, the King of Wands is the pinnacle of the wands – so the King is fiery, bold, creative, and energetic. You certainly notice him when he enters a room, he has that kind of charisma. And while he may sweep you off your feet, or ignite a new passion in you, like the knight, he is not always good at the detail, and you may be left wondering what happened.

This is a man who needs new adventures and highs to keep the momentum going. He is that wonderful boss, a powerful natural leader who inspires the troops, but not necessarily the best husband (unless you are the Queen of Wands, then you are more than a match for him!) If you are in a wands marriage, it’s fiery, tempestuous and passionate and that’s how both of you like it. However if one of you is wands and the other is not, that can cause problems…

One way to read the King is that you are playing with fire. Of course heat facilitates all kinds of transformations, and we need it. But make sure you are protecting yourself and not getting burnt.

All Tarot Kings are about outward energy and focus. The wands King is a particularly actions oriented guy. This card is about having the confidence to take the leap forward. Use this energy while it is around you as it is a strong, bright flame and it can serve you well.

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