Sunday, December 27, 2015

Couture experience

The other day we watched Dior and I, a documentary about a new chief designer coming to the House of Dior.  There is no part of me that actually wants a couture dress that costs tens of thousands of dollars,  but there is something about owning something that people with extraordinary skills have worked on with such passion and vision,  that's quite appealing..

Then we went and saw a Mozart performance at the Lincoln Center and it gave me the same feeling as the couture dress - it seemed ridiculously luxurious that all these people would practice for hours and audition and train,  all to play actual,  live music to a room full of people.  I felt like I owned a piece of couture at a fraction of the price!  This feeling was strengthened when we went and saw the Goldberg variations being performed at the Armory.  This time the room was bigger,  the audience was smaller and it was only one person sitting by the piano,  performing his magic.  His skill was so sublime,  the music so beautiful,  the situation so unique,  again,  I had the feeling of owning my own piece of couture. 

I will never be able to afford the tens of thousands to buy one dress (nor would I have anywhere to wear it!)  but anyone in New York  can easily give themselves the experience of being in the presence of people with extraordinary skills at the top of their game,  working with passion and vision.   And that makes us very rich indeed.

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