Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl

Someone once asked me if I could predict the outcome of the Super Bowl.  I said that if you were playing in the Super Bowl or if you owned the team, then maybe.  But if you were merely a fan, even if you were a fan who had bet lots of money and was very invested in the outcome, then no. 

When I read the cards, I see your energy, your life events - not other peoples and certainly not sports events.  If Rupert Murdoch came to see me, maybe I could see something about his companies, through his questions, but if you are just asking me about his companies to get stock tips,  I don’t see anything… 

Sometimes people ask me about their parents or children or spouses and often I can get a very accurate description of the situation – but again, that is reading your energy.  If you are asking about a sibling you’ve never met or a parent you haven’t seen in twenty years, then I don’t get much.

So I will be watching on Sunday with the rest of you,  and I have no idea who will win (but I do have a delicious, comparatively low fat wings recipe, that I can share with you – I don’t add any extra butter and people rave about it.


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