Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day

After Hurricane Sandy, when we get dire weather warnings,  we tend to take them more seriously.  So I cancelled all my readings for yesterday and today.  As it turns out,  it wasn't so bad.  We are definitely living in a better safe than sorry society, and I can't say that I disagree with that. 

It's just with 24 hour news and endless, instant information,  they,  the mysterious they,  can whip us up into such a frenzy that common sense leaves.  By the fourth time you hear about the 24 inches of snow that may fall, you begin to worry if you have enough milk in the house. And when I got to Wholefoods,  which at worst may have been closed for 2 days, and saw the massive lines there (worse than for Thanksgiving!) I began to worry about having enough anything in the house. So like everyone around me,  I bought too much.  I now have milk for days,  a vat of home made minestrone soup,  some really delicious bread (If you are local to Tribeca,  I highly recommend Arcade Bakery,  their bread is just fantastic!)

And with not much else to do,  my son and I are enjoying a quiet day at home,  watching TV,  having the joy of a snow day,  a day in which you have nothing to accomplish and time to just be... 

We can all do with a snow day now and again...

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