Sunday, January 22, 2012

Using Tarot for Personal Gain

A while ago my sister sent me this interesting article… and in it Alexander Chee was writing about how Tarot no longer worked for him, because he had been leaning on it too heavily as he read for himself how lovers felt about him and then no longer felt the need to clarify things with them, and not surprisingly his relationships started to fail.

I have to say it’s been years since I’ve even tried to read for myself. I can read really well for others, but whenever I tried to read for myself, I got mud, and couldn’t see anything. One thing I think, without trying to sound too pure, is that Tarot works best in service. If I serve others, it works, if I use to serve myself, it doesn’t. And that’s the kind of tarot I’m comfortable with.

The author in the article was like the one eyed man in the kingdom of the blind, giving himself too much power and then everything got blurry. But if you understand we are all short sighted, but the Tarot helps us look ahead with more clarity, that’s how it works best.

Beautiful top painting is by Ariel Brearly

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