Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lots of ten's

Over the past few years, I’ve gone through every single card of the tarot and looked at their meanings (just type the card you are interested in the upper left hand corner and it should appear!) Now I am looking at the numbers. I’m just finishing the pip cards – the numbers cards, and then it’s only the court cards left! What does it mean if we draw lots of 10's in our reading?

It means life is particularly action packed and intense right now. The 10’s link to the Wheel of Fortune, the card of karmic change. Tens are about completion but of course we’ve only really completed when we are dead, so at the same turn of the wheel, we start again…

10 of cups is when we want to hold the moment, have the ‘happy ever after’; 10 of pentacles is when growth and stability are hampered by tradition/family demands; 10 of wands is when the burden is too much and we feel like we are endlessly pushing the rock up the hill and the 10 of swords is when change is inevitable, we can’t survive the current situation, in order to be able to get up, we must change.

I read somewhere that the 10’s were the culmination of the physical and spiritual aspects of each suit, the end of the long road, and the last of the pip cards. If you draw a lot of tens, then you are coming to the end of cycle, but it’s an intense ending, with a bang, not a whimper…

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th, 2011

I live a few blocks from the World Trade Centre. We moved to the US in January 2002. I knew, of course, that 9/11 had happened, and felt horror and sadness and shock, but I didn’t understand what it meant that the city below Canal Street was closed; I didn’t know where Canal Street was. I did know that I found the Upper West Side completely overwhelming, and that when we moved into Tribeca in February, a mere 5 months after 9/11, at a time when most people were moving out, it felt like a small, quiet haven. There were often times when there were no cars on the streets at all in the middle of the day (almost impossible to conceptualize now) and when I walked around with my then 4 year old, people noticed us, said hello, seemed glad someone was moving in.

I’ve lived in Tribeca ever since, feel very much part of the village life here. I was president of the PTA at the local public school; I served for a few years on the Community Board, I’ve attended many meetings about restaurants and community growth, several meetings on the World Trade Centre specifically.

One year I accidentally booked some readings on 9/11, but I won’t do that again. The energy is too weird: too many people, too much grief, excitement, anger in the air. I won’t walk down there today. It’s too crowded and there is too much security. But I am glad that they are getting the pools filled. I look forward to walking by them one afternoon. My hope is that it will give a chance for reflection.

Friday, September 9, 2011

It’s all in the cards

Sometimes well meaning friends try to tell me that it’s not the cards that give information, rather it’s my training as a therapist, or my ability to read people, the cards themselves are so general and vague and the person can see whatever they like in what I say, they argue. But, I reply, I read for strangers every day, and every day I tell them something I could not possibly know, and it’s not vague at all, it’s specific and personal.

Recently I did a reading for a woman, and after 40 minutes of chatting she asked one last question about her mother. She had not mentioned her feelings toward her mother at all throughout the reading and this last question was almost an afterthought. She drew Star reversed/ 5 of swords Reversed / 2 of pentacles Reversed.

I looked at her and said you have a relationship where neither of you get what you wish for, either she or you feel like the other one is stealing their swords, and that you feel you are always dropping the ball around her and letting her down. And she gasped and said, ‘how did you know?’

I didn’t know… I only described that the cards told me…

The two gorgeous paintings are by Chidi Oyeke
Pot of Life