Friday, September 9, 2011

It’s all in the cards

Sometimes well meaning friends try to tell me that it’s not the cards that give information, rather it’s my training as a therapist, or my ability to read people, the cards themselves are so general and vague and the person can see whatever they like in what I say, they argue. But, I reply, I read for strangers every day, and every day I tell them something I could not possibly know, and it’s not vague at all, it’s specific and personal.

Recently I did a reading for a woman, and after 40 minutes of chatting she asked one last question about her mother. She had not mentioned her feelings toward her mother at all throughout the reading and this last question was almost an afterthought. She drew Star reversed/ 5 of swords Reversed / 2 of pentacles Reversed.

I looked at her and said you have a relationship where neither of you get what you wish for, either she or you feel like the other one is stealing their swords, and that you feel you are always dropping the ball around her and letting her down. And she gasped and said, ‘how did you know?’

I didn’t know… I only described that the cards told me…

The two gorgeous paintings are by Chidi Oyeke
Pot of Life

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