Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Recording Readings

People often ask me if they can take notes or record a reading and I always say ‘of course!’

Then I was talking about it to a client the other day, I said that in therapy, the therapist can record the session but the client can’t; and I thought, isn’t that ridiculous?

If a client had asked me to record a session when I was a therapist I would have seen it as a challenge and tried to interpret it. But really, it’s just that sessions can give a lot of information, and that can feel overwhelming. Recording the session allows you to relax, you can experience it and know that the machine will help you with all the details afterwards. Of course, I don’t know how often people listen to these recordings afterwards, some I suspect never do! But one woman told me that her daughter had played her reading to her, and then the mother had chosen to come to me too, so clearly some recordings have a life of their own…

I guess what I’m saying here is, is that I prefer the liberation of working with Tarot in so many ways.

Beautiful hand image by Elena Ray (I find so many of her images to love!)
And the last image is Patricia Awapara's Sanctuary

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